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  Japanese Smokless BBQ


Shou Nichi Dou is the first in Taiwan to use the Japanese smokeless cast iron plate grill. Cast iron cooks meat better with its heat retention abilities. Our kitchen also provides the finest range of yakiniku meats, sushi, and fresh sashimi alongside high service standards.  


  Japanese Fusion Cuisine  


At Shou Nichi Dou Yakiniku, we are inspired by the diverse cultures that exists in the culinary of Asia through travels. A good part of the menu will feature new dishes derived from family recipes that you cannot sample elsewhere. Our Japanese flavors are given a contemporary twist. 


  Japanese Izakaya Dishes and Hot Pot  


Shou Nichi Dou, is a popular spot for friends or coworkers to meet up for a drink or to wind down after work. A section of our menu is Japanese Izakaya food, made up of salty and spicy, cruchy and savory, and engineered to be especially delicious with beer or sake. Dishes include diced fried tofu, wings, calamari, grilled fish, seafood pancakes, hot pot, stone pot rice and noodle. 


  Japanese Sake and Beverages


Shou Nichi Dou’s drink selection is as wide as you are thirsty. We have carefully selected Japanese sakes in a spectrum of flavors and aromas. Choose from a variety of Japanese beer, sake, wine, and refreshing juices to pair with the highest quality meats and ingredients. 

昭日堂燒肉 Shou Nichi Dou Yakiniku
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